What Is Baptism?

This is an outward sign of an inward change. It represents what’s already happened on the inside of you. It’s a public declaration of a private decision and a personal commitment. Baptism can’t and doesn’t in itself make you a Christian, but it does work together with your personal decision to follow Jesus Christ to ‘cement’ (seal) that in your life. So it's like a visual agreement of this confession and belief.


“Being baptised has been about finding my opportunity in Jesus; making a declaration that there is no other name I want to be shaped by. Since my baptism, I feel my relationship with God has deepened, is better practiced, and there is always enough light for the step I'm on. For my family, Jesus is our meeting point, He guides, calls, and I feel His communication in our life is stronger. Thank you UnitedLife for walking beside us. Emmanuel!” Mike Taylor


Our Next Baptism Service

Next Baptism Service date is to be confirmed, however see below if you are interested in getting baptised.


“John 12:8 says ‘I tell you, whoever acknowledges me before men, the Son of Man will also acknowledge him before the Angels of God.’ Of all the things my baptism means to me, knowing this promise is for me is right up there. My heart is set on becoming the man God wants me to be, it might take a while, but last week I took one concrete, irrefutable step towards my destiny!” Mark Jones


For More Information

Click on the video for one of our previous Baptism Services; what a day it was!

If you've not been baptised and are interested, or have more questions about what baptism means, you can speak to your MCG leaders, youth leaders or contact the office on 020 8661 8725 or email